January 27, 2023

DIY Magnetic filter INSIDE Radiator – How to fit Radmag

DIY Magnetic filter INSIDE Radiator - How to fit Radmag

How to fit a magnetic slude filter INSIDE your radiator. Radmag installation and review!
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If you have a towel radiator on your heating system, and can’t find a place for a magentic filter, or have the required plumbing skills to fit one, the RADMAG is the perfect DIY solution. Although it will also be good for plumbers to have on the van. This filter will trap magnetic sludge inside your radiator and prevent it from ciculating around the heating system water, stopping black water and poor efficiency in the heating system.

0:00 Intro
0:58 What is Radiator sludge?
2:11 How the Radmag magnetic filter eliminates sludge
5:06 How to Install a Radmag filter in your towel radiator DIY
8:15 How to Clean the Radmag radiator filter
12:04 Competition

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