Ceiling Leaking Below Bathroom

Ceiling Leaking Below Bathroom

Ceiling Leaking Below Bathroom is what this customer stated on the phone. When I arrived he stated that when his Mom used the bathtub on the third-floor water began to leak into multiple areas in the first-floor living room. No leaks in the 2nd-floor bathroom right below the third-floor bathroom?

I started to run the water in the tub and immediately the toilet which was across the room started bubbling up. I then ran the basin which was next to the toilet and again the water started backing into the toilet bowl. Houston! We have a problem and it appears the soil stack is clogged, but why is water leaking into the first-floor ceiling.

With a little help from my friends from Econo Sewer & Drain company located in Brooklyn, N.Y. we knocked that clog right out! Ran the tub, basin, toilet and everything is flowing, and absolutely NO LEAKS down on the first floor. What’s up with that? Open line, a no-hub coupling that’s not torqued??. I’ll be returning once the ceiling is removed to check it out further, in the meantime enjoy the video.

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Big shout out to Ed, Pete & Tommy of Econo Sewer & Drain for assisting on this job. If you’re in need of Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services in Brooklyn they can be reached at 718-338-8484. Be sure to tell them I referred you!


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