Steam Radiator Valve Leaking

Steam Radiator Valve Leaking

Steam Radiator Valve Leaking? You’re not alone, here in N.Y.C Steam country valves can be found leaking in all types of buildings both commercial and residential. I got a call from this customer stating that there was a leak inside of a closet next to her workstation in the finished basement.

When I arrived, her husband stated that it only seemed to leak when the heat was running and it filled up about a cup of water. I took a look inside the closet, the pipes were well insulated but I could see some light from above. I asked "is there a radiator above"? and bingo, he replied yes.

I turned up the heat, and about 15 minutes later the valve was streaming water right down to the basement. This video is my process for changing out a steam radiator valve and it’s served me well over the years with minimal damage to the pipes below the floor

There are differing opinions on how to go about this. One is taking a two or three or four-foot wrench to the valve trying to screw it off. I’m here to tell you if you do this you run the risk of snapping the fittings below the floor resulting in a very EXPENSIVE repair.

Steam Radiator Valve Leaking, check out the video, my way may seem like a lot of work, but once you get the technique down, you can replace a valve in 20 minutes or less and save yourself a boatload of cash by not damaging your steam pipes.

Happy Plumbing!