February 4, 2023

How to install a recessed shower in a BRICK WALL – Vitra Aquaheat

How to install a recessed shower in a BRICK WALL - Vitra Aquaheat

This video will shower you how to install a recessed shower valve – the FULL JOB. I’m fitting a Vitra Aquaheat.
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I’m going to show you how to install a recessed shower valve from the building of the valve, to marking out and cutting the chase in a brick wall, to installing the valve decor and finally testing the whole shower. This is a dual outlet shower with pan head and handset on a flexible hose.

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0:53 Unboxing the Vitra Aquaheat shower valve
2:55 Planning the Install (Important!)
5:32 Preparing the shower valve
9:13 Marking out the chase For the aquaheat shower valve
13:05 Fitting the Valve into the brick wall recess
13:35 Piping up the hot and cold in copper pipe
15:15 Pressure testing copper pipework
15:54 SATISFACTION Filling the chase with expanding foam
18:41 Cutting back the Aquaheat shroud to the finished wall surface
19:44 Installing the pan head and shower rail
21:09 The finished Vitra Aquaheat Shower Valve

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