10 ULTIMATE DIY Plumbing Mistakes Guide & How to Fix Them | Plumberparts

10 ULTIMATE DIY Plumbing Mistakes Guide & How to Fix Them | Plumberparts

In this video I’ll tell you my 10 ULTIMATE DIY plumbing mistakes & how to fix them! Everything from PTFE tape wrong and leaking compression fittings!
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0:00 ITS Mad Deals Bruv
0:55 Intro
1:33 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 1 PTFE on the pipe wrong
4:33 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 2 PTFE to fix a compression fitting wrong
6:37 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 3 Not Using Jointing Compound
8:15 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 4 Over-tightening compression fitting
9:32 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 5 Not draining pipe
10:12 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 6 Kinking flexible hoses
11:22 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 7 Not cleaning copper pipe before soldering
12:53 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 8 Soldering pipe with water in it
15:38 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 9 Plunging blocked pipe wrong
17:07 Plumbing Mistake and Fix 10 Cross threading pipe
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