Toilet Flange Repair

Toilet Flange Repair

In this toilet flange repair video, I’m learning some more new tricks from my plumbing colleges. In my service area of Brooklyn, New York 90% of the toilets I pull are connected to a lead toilet bend.

A brass toilet flange is soldered in place and on occasion they’ll fail a begin to separate. No problem, being an old-timer I get out the old soldering toolbox and proceed to solder on a new brass toilet flange.

Well, I recently discovered two products from the Oatey company a plumbing specialty supplier that could make me retire my soldering box forever! They feature two P.V.C toilet flanges designed to fit into cast iron pipes. But guess what? They also fit pretty well into 3" & 4" lead pipes.

Toilet flange repair in lead toilet bends is about to change forever! In this toilet flange repair, I show you how to use two of these new toilet flange repair products which quite possibly will allow me to eliminate soldering brass floor flanges forever!

Enjoy & Happy Plumbing!

Oatey 43651 PVC Twist-N-Set Closet Flange, 4" x 4" x 4", White

Oatey GIDDS-173390 43539 Replacement Flange Forcast Iron, 4-Inch, PVC Plumbing!

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