February 4, 2023

How to level a bath to the side panel RIGHT FIRST TIME!

How to level a bath to the side panel RIGHT FIRST TIME!

This video will tell you how to level a bath to the side panel THE FIRST TIME! I’ll also show me tiling the bath afterwards too.
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Ever wonder how we get a bath level to the height of the side panel and then tile the wall correctly next ot the bath? Well this video will show you how! I’ll show you how we use battens to level the bath to the wall. We’ll then use a laser level and spirit level to prove the bath is straight and level. I’ll then show you how to tile to a bath that isn’t in the room.


0:00 Intro
0:31 Preparation for the job
2:00 How to decide bath height with sidepanel
2:49 How to level and fix bath battens on the wall
5:03 How to lay the bath on the level battens – Moment of truth part 1
5:43 How to adjust the bath stand feet
7:31 How to test the side panel height on the bath
8:20 How to tile to the bath without the bath in the room
9:12 How to prime hardibacker for wall tiles around a bath
9:56 How to set out the center for the bath wall tiles
10:29 How to adhesive tiles for your bath wall splashback
11:50 Ask me a question about this job on the Ale Army
12:37 How to check your wall tiles are the right height for the bath – Moment of truth part 2
15:17 Tools of note for this bath video

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