January 28, 2022

How to prep brick wall & wooden floor for tiling – Bathroom Renovation PT 8

How to prep brick wall & wooden floor for tiling - Bathroom Renovation PT 8

Today we talk about how to prepare brick wall & wooden floor for tiling in my bathroom renovation and refurbishment project DIY! We prepare brick wall and floor for tiling using hardibacker and plywood.
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I’ll show you how to fix hardibacker board to a brick wall.

It’s really important to get a solid, flat surface to fix tiles too when doing a bathroom refurbishment. I’m using hardibacker (known as hardi) on this brick wall to get it ready to tile. I’m also going to show you how I prepare the floor for tiling using plywood, glue and loads of screws. Before finally tanking the floor using Impey’s wetroom floor tanking. I hopw you enjoy this video!

0:00 Installing bathroom lights
0:59 Planning IMPORTANT HOW TO!
2:37 How to measure the floor and cut the ply
6:50 How to fit glue and screw the ply to the floor
9:39 EXTRA Getting the control wire in for the digital shower
11:59 How to fit hardibacker to a brick wall
15:08 Impey Tanking

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