Toilet Handle Leaking

Toilet Handle Leaking

Toilet Handle Leaking? Not a common problem but occasionally I’ll get a call from a customer claiming they see water leaking from the tank handle. Sure enough, when I arrive to investigate, I see a stream of water leaking from the bottom of the toilet handle streaming down the tank into a bucket.

Why does this happen? Well, the short answer is that the overflow tube is at a higher level than the location of the toilet handle. Thus depending on the height of the fill valve which dictates where the water level stops, the water will rise beyond the toilet handle thus creating a leak.

In the good old days of five-gallon wall hung toilet tanks with old fashioned ballcocks (fill valves) with the plastic float balls on the right. you could bend the float rods up or down to control the height at which the water cuts off. With the modern "Fluid Master" style fill valves you must try to set the height correctly to avoid them from overfilling.

The initial go to fix is to cut off the excess height of the overflow tube below the height of the tank lever. But use caution! because by doing this in a modern low flow toilet tank you may be removing to much water thus preventing the toilet from completely flushing out the contents. Toilet Handle Leaking? Check out the video for some useful tips!

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